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Webinars, Workshops, Short Courses, On the job trainings, Mock Interviews, Leadership Program, Career Mentoring Programs etc. 

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Career Fair, Internships, Externships, Full Time/Part Time Job Opportunities, and Job Advertisements. 

Soft Skill Development Course

Soft skills Development Course focuses on personal attributes that enhance an individual's interactions, career prospects and job performance. 

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Career Career Guidance Unit University of Ruhuna..

Career Guidance Unit helps undergraduates to develop their skills and abilities of self-assessment information seeking and decision making required for coping with the needs of complex of world of work & to develop lifelong learning ambitions. University of Ruhuna established the Career Guidance Unit in March 2000 to provide innovative and inclusive support to University of Ruhuna students, supporting their transition from study to future opportunities. We are planning to develop and maintain partnerships with a wide variety of employers and industry professionals to get the inside knowledge and to provide greater development opportunities. Success in career guidance depends on providing up to date information on training & employment opportunities and having a good knowledge of available opportunities in the local and international training market. For that, we plan to run interactive events and training sessions, enabling us to provide an inclusive, comprehensive and accessible careers and employability support.

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     To be the most trusted and empowered career hub bridging the gap between the undergraduate education and the job market expectations 

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       To assist students to realize their competencies and creativity, and to provide them with appropriate trainings to enhance their employability and to guide them to make optimum decisions on educational and occupational choices in order achieve the future goals of their personal life, academicand professional career in a challenging world of work

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Professor T.S.L.W. Gunawardana


Message from the Director

I warmly welcome all of our undergraduates to the Career Guidance Unit (CGU), University of Ruhuna. Beginning from your University Studentship at the University of Ruhuna, the Career Guidance Unit (CGU) is here for you to chart your path towards your First Destination upon graduation. As your bridge to the industry and what lies beyond graduation, we equip you with career-ready skills through a c ompulsory online career core module that is constantly revised over the years to suit students’ needs, as well as career and employability skills workshops. We also offer industry-specific consultations, internships in reputed organizations, company visits, industry and alumni networking sessions, in addition to recruitment events, serving as your first touchpoints to the working world. Amidst a busy student life, take time to think about the value you can bring to the world and the people around you. Your Career Counsellor can help you reflect deeper on your career interests. Explore how you can make a difference through your daily work or even incubate new ideas to make the world a better place.Be open and flexible with opportunities that come your way. Prepare yourself to seize them by mastering skills beyond your discipline and develop a genuine hunger for learning. Employers value graduates who welcome challenges and are ready to make an impact. Take responsibility for your career goals, starting from today. We wish you the best in your career journey.Welcoming all students for a life changing process!

Career Guidance Counselors

Ms. Sujeewa Dilrukshi Vidanagamage

BA (Hons), MA (Sociology), PGD (Counselling), Career Counselling(IPC), Productivity, MPC

Ms. Pubudu Mallawaarachchi

B.Sc. (Hons.), MA(Sociology)(Ruhuna), National Dip in Career Guidance (SLFI) Counselling, Certified NLP Practitioner (IAAP), Reading MHRM(Kelaniya)

Mr.Nilanka Srinath

BA(Hons)(Ruhuna), MA(Kelaniya), MA (B.P.U), PGD in Counselling (Colombo), PGD in Education (OUSL), Royal Pandith (OSS)

Ms.Vindya Welihena

BMS (Hons.) (OUSL), Dip. In Mgmt. (OUSL), National Diploma in Career Guidance (SLFI), Ad. Certi. in Counselling Psychology (CSBM), Certified NLP Practitioner (IAAP)

Mr. Nilantha Kalansuriya

B.Sc (Agri, Ruhuna), MBA (Mkt, Colombo), AMSLIM


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